Your Family File

Steps to Submitting a Complete Family File

* Do not forget that your file will be read by the Education Abroad Canada team during the matching process and then by your exchange partner

How To Put Together Your Family File

  • Download the Family File document here (you’ll need a password to access the page).
  • Fill in the required fields and glue an ID photo to the front page.
  • Important: Once your original file is completed, please make 2 copies (one for the Canadian office and one for the European office). The original file must be signed by both parents (this applies to divorced parents as well).
  • The original Family File will be sent to your exchange partner.

Documents to Include (2 Copies)

  • 2 most recent report cards (except for the 1 month program)
  • Authorization for Surgical and Medical Treatment (signed by both parents)
  • Health Certificate (signed by your Doctor)
  • Photocopy of vaccination records
  • Photocopy of valid passport
  • Please include either a cheque for $3355 (Ontario) or for $4355 (all other Canadian provinces)

Send your completed original Family File, two copies, documents and cheque to Education Abroad Canada by mail:

211-225 Merton St.
Toronto, ON
M4S 3H1

Remember to put your address on the back of the envelope.