The Matching Process

What is “Matching”?

Matching refers to the process of finding a family with a child close in age that shares similar interests. This is why it is crucial to indicate your interests clearly and legibly (ex. swimming, walking, sports etc.) in order to find an appropriate partner. Each candidate must fill out the application for themselves and parents are asked to complete specific pages that are reserved strictly for them, once their child has completed their section. Difficult information to disclose is crucial to the application such as any health issues, allergies, smoking, special diets etc. * Please note that we take into account the date in which the application was received and priority is given to those who register first.

When does the matching process take place?

Canadian Coordinators review the applications and exchange them with the European office during the months of March-April.

How is your match decided?

Once the applications are carefully reviewed in detail and matched, the candidates are introduced to both European and Canadian families. A concerted effort is made to find the best fit for each student. The process will match the students based on common interests.

*Please note that this is not a cloning process.

Once the Matching has been completed

European matches are sent out to Canadian families in May. Families will have 1 week to accept the Family File and inform EAC of their approval.

*Changes to the matching can only be made if major oversights are found

Once Education Abroad Canada has received the approval, families will be given the go ahead to contact their host families. Please consider using email, Skype, Facetime to connect with your host student and family so that as a family, you may get to know each other.

Issues with your host family

Should a serious problem arise while on exchange with your partner or host family, please contact Education Abroad Canada as quickly as possible so that we can determine the best possible next steps. Should a family change be necessary, Education Abroad Canada and their European partner will organize a family change. Education Abroad Canada will provide the tools needed to make the exchange successful for the students. The goal of the program is to provide a positive experience and an opportunity for growth as well as to express oneself with more ease in another language.